Luggage Storage Service

Your return flight is late at night and you would love to take advantage of the time you still have to spend in Rome? You are supposed to arrive earlier than the check-in time at the apartment and want to get rid of your bags? No worries, enjoy your whole stay! We have a wondeful service at wonderful rates.

We offer our guests three different services:


- just storage of your bags at the luggage left (close to Termini station, 2 subway stops from the Colosseum):

€ 4,00 per bag/all day

- pick up of your bags from your apartment and delivery to the luggage left:

€ 6,00 per bag

- pick up of your bags from the apartment and delivery to any address:

€ 9,00 per bag


Alternatively, you can choose the flat rate:

Pick up from your apartment/any address and delivery to the apartment/any address (within Rome city centre): 

€ 10,00 per person, not per bag, for the whole day.


We will take care of your bags, you will be enjoying Rome with no waste of time!